AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Speak at ABE

Speak at ABE

Call for Speakers

We are looking for speakers

We are focusing on our “by example” theme, therefore we are looking for real life case studies, adoption reports, etc. We’d like you to share examples of adopting particular practices (pick one and dive into details) or failure examples and reasons (we are all interested in avoiding same mistakes). During your submission you will be asked to state which practice is covered by your talk.

We will ask you to do either a 15–20-minute talk or a 5–10-minute lightning talk / pecha kucha.

Your talk should focus on one particular practice. We look for very focused talks, the practice should be as specific as possible. Good examples: “planning poker”, “story maps”, “merit money”, etc.. Bad examples: “agile”, “transformation”, “scrum”, etc.

In case of speakers who have not yet spoken at ABE we ask you to include either a link to one of your recorded talks or a recorded short introduction to submitted topic (so that we can assess your stage performance and English proficiency). It is not mandatory although recommended.

Should you have more than one topic to present do not hesitate and submit them all.

Call for Trainers

We are looking for trainers for the Dojo

At AgileByExample 2013 we launched the first Dojo, which was a day of 12 half-day workshops. They were extremely popular. In 2014 we did 16 workshops and in 2015—20. Our Dojo became a unique feature of ABE, as we are the only agile conference at least in Poland doing so many workshops for so many attendees.

The workshop should be 3–3.5-hour long and be for 10–30 people. Regarding the topics, we prefer soft skills (conflicts, communication, etc.), product related (vision, design, backlog management, etc.), agile practices & roles (retrospectives, product owner, scrum master, etc.) or even introductions to methods (GetKanban game, Beer game), although we may do a few technical as well (TDD, BDD, etc.).

You can check workshops from 2013, 2014 and 2015 for reference.

Please let us know if you are willing to do the same workshop twice (both morning and evening session).


All speakers and trainers will get a free ticket to the conference (Dojo is excluded). We are not covering transport and accommodation.

In addition all speakers and trainers will receive one 50% discount coupon for the conference.

In case an accepted speaker has bought a ticket already, there will be a possibility to transfer the ticket to another person or get a 100% refund.


Call for Speakers & Trainers will be closed on 14.08.2016. We will be contacting you back by end of August and the final agenda will be published in mid September.