AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Adam Cetnerowski

I am an Agile Coach and manager at Intel in Gdańsk, Poland. Previously I worked as SW Quality Engineer, SW Developer and Technical Writer at Intel. Prior to Intel I worked as a technology risk consultant in several Big 5 companies.
Throughout my career I have been passionate about helping people work more effectively and get more satisfaction from their job.

Effective TODO selection: A Kanban story

In my talk I would like to discuss how our team evolved the way we select items that go from the backlog to the TODO column.
Over the course of 18 months we tried out various way to organize our backlog and find ways to optimally pull work items into the TODO columns. We iterated on the size of TODO, it's composition, the frequency of the updates and how TODO and the backlog were visualized. I would like to focus on the mistakes we've made and how we overcame them to find a lean process that emphasized completing items of greatest value to the customer and the team.

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