AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Agnieszka Szóstek

With 15+ experience in user-centered design across Europe (Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, Poland) Aga is a Head of Academic Innovation at Warsaw University. She combines academic and industrial experience. She is an expert in UX strategy, participatory design, organizational change through design, experience design, interaction design, service design, user-centered design, user and design research. She is also an experienced lecturer, coach, trainer and public speaker regarding Design Thinking methodology and Experience Design approach.

The magic of timeboxing

Imagine you get a daunting task which is most likely impossible to finish looking at the deadline you have. This is the reality I got myself into a few months ago. Three weeks, inexperienced team and a humongous challenge, challenge I have never faced before. This is the situation when you either run away or look for new ways of acting. My rescue was time-boxing. In my presentation I would like to share how we used this tool to design three alternative architectural concepts for a building of a 140 m length and 6 stores. Architecture is not software, I know. But I strongly believe that our lesson could be an inspiration to any professional working on a task that is big, hairy and well... rather undefined.

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