AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Alexandre Magno

Alexandre Magno is the learning revolutionary behind Learning 3.0, a Happy Melly brand. He really believes that emergent learning and learning facilitation are the keys to creative workers’ success in this complex and fast-paced new world of work. He is the author of “How Creative Workers Learn” a book that has inspired the agile community all over the world.

Throughout his career, he has moved from programming computers to software development; then moving back into to database development; product, project and team management…and finally: companies founding and business management. In all those fields he was in someway involved with learning initiatives, realising that was where he is able to make a huge social impact, and so identifying this as his calling in life.

He lives between Brazil, Portugal and the UK, just coincidentally three countries that love football.

Learning 3.0

Agile is thriving from small to big companies, and the mainstream is just ‘flirting' with it. It’s great to hear successful stories from companies like Spotify, Microsoft…and even the FBI! But, are we learning from that? Unfortunately not that much as emergent practices are in the core of that most successful stories, but just a small group are aware of it.

What are emergent practices? And what is emergent learning? Why it is so important for Agile? How to introduce this into my organisation? In this presentation I’m going to share my experience (and a hand of practices) on helping organisation to work with emergent practices by using the Learning 3.0 framework.