AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Andy Brandt

Andy Brandt is one of Poland’s most experienced experts on Agile, a Scrum veteran, working with Agile teams since 2006. As Poland’s longest serving PST he trained hundreds of Scrum Masters and Product Owner. In his 20+ years long career in IT industry he was also a project manager and a line manager which helps him coach and mentor managers as their companies transition to Agile or strive to reach new levels of excellence.

Andy is the author of “Agile w Praktyce” – a practical, comprehensive handbook on Agile – as well as other publications. As a speaker Andy appeared on ABE13 and other Polish and international conferences.

Andy will run his workshop with Rafał Markowicz.

Workshop—Story Mapping

Story Mapping is a technique that allows better understanding of your product requirements than traditional product backlogs, with key functional areas as one dimension and importance/urgency/value being second dimension. Such a map provides “the big picture” and enables strategic thinking about the product and its development. It also makes it easier to understand and satisfy contrary demands and priorities of different stakeholders of complex solutions. The last but not the least, story maps visualize journey of users through your product as a whole; knowing this, it is easier to develop solution that your users will love.

At Story Mapping Dojo participants will create a story map for a product. Two trainers will help everybody to dive into the right context by providing short outline of a product and by assigning them roles to play during the exercise (example of roles: stakeholder, product owner, developer, manager). Once the map is ready, it will be used to identify possible Minimal Viable Product and possible release strategies.

After the Dojo participants would understand what Story Maps are and how they can be useful, especially for working with requirements for new products and large systems.