AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Danielle Erickson

ThoughtWorks, Inc.

Danielle Erickson is an Application Developer at ThoughtWorks, where she has worked as a consultant on a variety of different projects, domains, and with many different technologies. She has been exposed to many different teams, each with different dynamics, practices and team health. As a young female developer on these often all male teams, she has in the past struggled with impostor syndrome. Throughout her journey with ThoughtWorks, she has worked passionately to better understand the impostor syndrome and has had the opportunity to learn and experiment first hand with different interaction styles and team practices. Outside of work, she loves to explore her creative side by dancing and creating art out of recycled materials.

Danielle will run her workshop with Pavlina Lejskova.

Workshop—The Agile "Impostor": A Team Approach to Impostor Syndrome

The effects and catalysts of impostor syndrome spread wider than the individual. In this workshop, we will investigate the inevitable impact teams have on “impostors”. Through hands-on activities, we will empower individuals to influence their team(s) in an agile manner, lessening the effects of the syndrome on both the individual struggling and the team as a whole.