AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Dorota Hoffmann

I specialize in supporting the leaders of change by working both: individually and with entire teams. This covers the area of:
making easier in exploring the possibilities of effective problem-solving,
facilitating decision making,
discovering and launching capacity to act effectively in situations perceived to be difficult,
finding consensus within the team build around common goals, rules and limits or budgets,
strategic planning for well defined goal,
constructive support in conflict situations by seeking win-win solutions,
helping to build and maintain quality relationships,
perfecting leadership and managerial skills,
helping to achieve mental toughness to work under pressure or in a new, highly changing environment.

My key strengths and abilities:
„out of the box” thinking
incorporating systemic perspective
highly developed communication skills with energy to act
enthusiasm and passion for visual thinking and human centered solutions design
25+ years of experience in ITC business (B2B solution sales)
15+ years of coaching and mentoring practice

I work in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics.

Recently I am developing my personal brand „Ułatwianie przez rysowanie”.

Available for coaching sessions