AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Ewa Koprowska

Ewa teaches and coaches agility for scrum and kanban teams in Everest – the biggest project in PZU Group. She is constantly looking for ways to scale scrum based on transparency and continuous improvement. Ewa is initiator and enthusiast of Everest Scrum Masters Guild. She focuses on supporting teams in their agile development.
Personally: happy human, mathematician and runner.

Ewa will give her talk with Krzysztof Biernat.

Can You scale-down with dignity?

Everest - our project, the Largest Agile projects in the country (~500 FTE), with a great team and plenty of fun is about to finish. We have learned a lot and grown a lot as a team. Now it is time to be slim and fit according to the task waiting for us in the future. It is time to scale-down Everest team.
Our project, Everest succeeded. Show must go on. It is time to find out how to continue agility outside the structure of the project.
We’ve asked ourselves how to do this?
Imagine an insanely ambitious goal for yourself. If you absolutely had to do that – if your life and the lives of everybody you cared about depended upon it – how would you? How could you?
First: remember your values.
Second: set your goal
Third: engage people
The last but not least: focus.
You’d simply drop everything else. You’d become one giant eager beaver, pushing in one direction, and you’d move very, very quickly. Be honest, communicate with openness. Be courageous. Accept difficulties and solve them one by one. Share your problems, success and failures with transparency. Respect your team until the very last day of your project.
We will talk about scaling-down a multi-hundred man team. The experience and presentation will be centered around the Everestproject. We will tell you how to do this without loosing your agile mindest. It is crucial to engage and empower all the people. Not the best. Not the future team. All of them, the Team.
It is tiring and time consuming but at the end you’ve got reward. Happy people providing good product on time. Happy people ready for new goal.

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