AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Jakub Drzazga

Agile Coaching Jakub Drzazga

Kuba has invaluable experience in various areas connected with IT projects. He started as a developer. Then, already as a Scrum Master, he introduced Scrum in projects. He also worked as a PM in agile projects which were not based on Scrum. Currently, he does what he enjoys most – he is a consultant and a trainer.

For many years he has been helping various organizations, from start-ups to corporations, to solve various problems. If needed, he joins a project and helps to lead it out of a critical situation. He never goes with cosmetic touch-ups nor follows fads. If he helps to implement Scrum in an organization, he does it only to ensure a better software is designed and that it is the best solution for existing problems.

When devs intend to leave a project and no one knows about it

Management was absolutely sure that a project is progressing smoothly; no wonder, as the metrics from the last satisfaction survey showed that the developers were highly motivated and eager to work.
During a simple consultant job I found out that reality looks a little bit worse. Half of the team is so fed up with the project that they were going to leave within a month. It would mean the end for the company or at least stopping the development of the product for several months.

What were reasons of devs frustration ? How did I prevented exodus ? I will answer this questions during my prelection.

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Workshop—Lean Canvas

When we fulfill the agreed work scope on time and in budget do we achieve success? Unfortunately this is not enough. I often encounter a situation where a team of developers performed an awesome work, but their product is used by only a few people.

Most probably the problem is related to the business vision – it received little thought, or none at all.

During the workshops the participant will learn how to use a tool called Lean Canvas. It will allow to easily find the answers to most important business questions regarding a project, which increases the chances for the final success.