AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Krystyna Abraham-Walasiak

Allegro Group

Agile coach at Allegro, psychologist and experienced social skills trainer approved by Polish Psychologists` Association. She graduated from the School of Transactional Analysis and has participated in a 4-year programme of specialized training courses on the Organisational TA. While working in IT, she likes to look inside a team and analyse relationships between group members. She readily shares her knowledge and eagerly cooperates with new teams, as each team is a new challenge.

Workshop—Roles entangled... time to get focused and get them organized

This workshop will be held in Polish.

The roles that we take on at work are not only those explicitly named in the Scrum Guide. They may intertwine, making you a Product Owner, designer, mentor, leader, work colleague and a subordinate all at the same time… leaving aside your roles in private life. A lot to take at once! Each of these roles may get activated on various occasions and affect your decisions, actions and emotions.

This workshop is for you:
- If you combine many roles and want to check if this backs your effectiveness,
- If the roles and responsibilities in your team are vaguely designated, overlap and get you confused,
- If you are interested in the subject :)

The workshop will be based on the concept of Transactional Analysis and use tools to be potentially employed in your team.
The workshop will be held in Polish.