AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Krzysztof Dąbrowski

Currently as CIO / CTO at mBank S.A. Krzysztof supervises the work of more than 500 people responsible for creating the system of Poland’s first virtual bank, supporting more than 4 million customers and which is in the forefront in terms of innovation.

Previously he was a CTO of Allegro Group (Naspers Group) where he managed all aspects of IT product development, delivery and maintenance in a large (800+ people) organization. Successfully implemented Agile development practices across the whole business (the largest such transformation in the region) and was awarded the Computerworld magazine IT Leader 2013 award. CIO of the year 2013 finalist (received “IT Diamond” award for being the “Architect of the Transformation”). Prior to joining Allegro Group Krzysztof was Head of Software Development at F.Hoffman-La Roche managing distributed team of 260 software engineers.

Not-So-Greenfield Agile Implementations.

Lessons learnt and thought-provoking questions about implementing Scrum where the environment is already big, old or simply different. Where the scale is much (much, much) larger than a startup. Where the old meets the new. Where Scrum Guide has no answers.

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