AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Luiza Lipień


Luiza has been involved in IT projects world for 10 years now. She held the role of a Program Manager, Project Manager, Quality Manager, Product Owner and Scrum Master gaining knowledge both – in traditional and agile approaches. For years she could observe effects of Maslow’s hammer and as a result of that, she is a simplicity and focusing on needs (not solutions) enthusiast. She is fascinated by building and developing teams. Now, Luiza is experiencing working in a startup project at WebInterpret.

Luiza will run her workshop with Lukasz Aziukiewicz.

Workshop—How to know when to pivot?

Despite working in Scrum and having products in a releasable state every sprint, we often see projects dragging for many months before an actual “business release” to end customers happens. This unfortunately sometimes causes our products to fail in meeting market needs as we don’t gather enough reliable feedback early on.
During this workshop you will define an absolute minimum prototype that can validate your product ideas and create an experiment to see if you were right. You’ll also prepare metrics that will allow you to make informed decisions on further product development. Then you’ll experience a simulated changing business environment that forces you to take difficult pivot decisions regarding your product.
During the session you’ll learn:
- That a Minimum Viable Product might not be what you think,
- Why asking your customers what they need might be a trap,
- What “validated learning” means,
- What Actionable and Vanity metrics are and how to use them,
- That you can validate your ideas “in 1 minute, for 1 PLN”,
- What to do when our hypothesis fails or we reach a standstill,
- How to use the Build - Measure - Learn loop,
- That communicating a pivot properly is key to team motivation.