AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Łukasz Banach

Certified Scrum Product Owner. 10+ years experience in IT industry. Working on project with 5M+ PLN budgets for the biggest IT companies in Poland (Wirtualna Polska, Grupa o2, Gemius, GoldenLine, Codility).

Enthusiast of Agile approach in IT management. He loves „hack” implementation of new ideas rather than long planning. He is a huge fan of many abbreviations like MVP, KISS, UX, SEO used to growth any project.

Pays much attention to details, testing and continuous improvement. He thinks that communication is one of the most important components of each successful team.

The owner of 2 cats. Addicted to travelling, visited more than 30 countries.

Effective backlog prioritisation for company happiness

Product Owner job is such a boring role - it’s all about the priorities: how, when, with who… And the same things happen almost every day.

Am I missed something? Yes! This is not the truth. All about Product Owner duties is…. making company happy - delivering the best possible value for the organization.

You should be brave, assertive, consistent and like a devil’s advocate - asking all the time - why, asking about the real problems hidden behind the requests and propose problems’ solutions instead of passing simple requirements.

I wanna show you how to gather feedback from the market, setup goals and priorities in transparent way, engage all team members, evaluate the progress and communicate with your customers.

It’s not possible? Come to AgileByExample 2016 and be brave telling me your opinion after the presentation!

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