AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Maciej Wilmiński

Scrum Master at GetResponse, where he’s been supporting agile transformation from the beginning. Earlier he worked in, where he also was responsible for booting and spreading the agile culture. He has wide experience in software development from different perspectives (leader, software architect & developer). As a big sport fan, he sees many similarities between agile software devolopment and team sports. He strongly believes in the power of teamwork and perceives Scrum Master role as a combination of a trainer, team captain and sometimes even a player

Co-founder of and editor in chief of rock encyclopedia—

Maciej will give his talk with Sławek Łukjanow.

Will anteater survive?

The role of a Scrum Master includes ongoing work on four different areas (teams, business, organization and self-development). A common mistake is almost total dedication to working with the Development Team, forgetting how important it is to support the Product Owners and the entire Organization. These orphaned areas may result in transformation failure or stopping it only on IT level. A typical problem is when Product Owners focus only on their areas of ​​responsibility and fight only for the “good" of their part of the system and thus losing the common goal altogether. We did not find any tool that we could use to improve the situation, so we have created our own—the Agile ZOO simulation game. With great fun, we can observe many of the common difficulties in managing product and Product Owners finally begin to work together. The workshop proved to be so successful that we decided to reveal how you can use it in your companies. Access to the game and all necessary materials are free.

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