AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Małgorzata Wyczańska


Małgorzata Wyczańska is a UX & Research Manager in R&D Center at Citi Handlowy. Sociologist and linguist. At Citi since 2011, conducting research on new products and services’ concepts, prototypes and existing IT solutions for both consumer and corporate banking customers. Previously at Gemius as a Researcher and Team Manager. For 4 years she worked for several e-commerce, finance, IT, NGO customers running various types of studies and developing online research methods.

UX research in a huge agile project at CitiHandlowy

In early 2016 CitiHandlowy has launched a huge IT project: we’re building a brand new e-banking platform for consumer banking customers. The platform will be dedicated to Polish customers and available in 2017 on all types of devices, due to RWD technology. The scrum teams are working simultaneously in several locations, including Singapore, Shanghai and Warsaw, as a headquarters of the whole initiative. My role is to bring users’ perspective into the project: define their needs, design and run user research, and eventually, make sure the research conclusions are taken into consideration by UX designers and developers.
In my speech I’ll focus on challenges I’ve been encountering as a UX researcher in an agile project of such a huge scale. And also on the solutions that I’ve came up with so far. They are derived from lean approach and based on my own 10-year experience as a researcher. In particular I’ll discuss the initiation phase of the project and the importance of well based assumptions, KPIs and personas. I’ll show how we approached the user story writing phase, how we set up the cooperation between business teams, developers, UX designers and researchers and, eventually, what methods we use to collect instant feedback keeping the pace of the project.

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