AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Mariusz Sieraczkiewicz

Has been a software professional for more than 12 years. Passionate about learning from experience especially when dealing with real-life software projects. As a trainer and consultant works with top teams on technical leadership, process agility and clean code. Co-conducts in-depth researches on critical success factors in software development. At top of that Mariusz has published dozens of articles in Software Developer Journal and Polish “The Programist” magazine.

Effective meeting facilitator

Facilitation meeting is a really hard job that can be overwhelming. Although Scrum meetings are well structured with quite clear boundaries it is still challenging to face the situations when people tend to argue, go offroad, not to listen to others or cannot find a consensus.
During the talk we are going to go beyond typical Scrum events schema and define more subtle meeting facilitator tools that will help you make a difference. We will talk about different types of framing, deeper meeting structures and ad-hoc conflict solving.

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Workshop—Difficult conversations

Difficult conversations cannot be avoided. More important is what you would do then. In most cases we tend to use two strategies: being aggressive so that we can protect what is important for us or being passive to not worsen the situation. It rarely works. You need another way.
We will discuss and practice particular technique that will help you to - have more understanding of your own and others needs - use language that will not unnecessarily rise emotional response - have more understanding of your own and others motivation - define your borders not attacking others
If you find anything curious about it or just want to learn a little bit, come to the workshop.