AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Mateusz Srebrny

Scrum Master, Agile Coach, animator of Agile Warsaw community and AgileByExample conference.
Mateusz helps teams and companies to improve their software development process as an independent consultant since 2010. He has nine-year-long experience of implementing and using Scrum and Kanban.
Most recently he supports BI departament of Orange Polska in pursuit of agility.

Mateusz will give his talk with Krzysztof Niewiński.

Delivering value fast—causing agility in a large company

We would like to share insights and our experience gained from the Agile Transformation in a large organization. We will present a step-by-step how can you approach to making changes in the organization resulting in faster value delivery. This will concern to:
- results of reinforcing loop exercise (finding the impediments)
- results of introducing of a new approach to employees and introducing product oriented company instead of a project oriented company to managers
- the first collision with the wall and the first breach in the wall
- few experiments we tried and where they led us today

Through our presentation We would like to pass on to others how to approach the changes and lead an Agile transformation. What's involved, what to expect, how to make it and not lead yourself to a feeling of burnout.

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