AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Oana Juncu

Oana’s over 15 years of experience in Software Development and System Management led her choice to Agile, as the most effective approach for 21st century leading organizations focused on quality products creation that matter . She recently embraced the entrepreneurship path by founding cOemerge : , a company that helps its clients embrace Agility and build product that matters through Lean Startup. Oana acts as an “Agile Business DJ”, working with organizations to implement the best practices that will let them become proud of their outcomes.

Purposeful Agile

Throw a purpose in a middle of a crowd, it will start to self-organize.
Many self-organised entities like ... villages or cities have an "embedded purpose", not voluntarily shared out-loud or displayed in common places.
Acting in a purpose driven way is less obvious for organisations. More a company grows, more dissolved into the Process the original business purpose becomes.The enterprise gets diluted into the HOW-TO control complexity. Forget about the purpose.
What products we build as a company and who are the services we provide for turns from core meaning to marketing fancies. That's business as usual.
Until it's not anymore. Until crisis comes. Until customers change behavior from consumers to service users. Until adapt to reality brings more value than creating processes to change reality. At this point in time, Agile becomes the new big thing everyone wants to have, do or be. Agile Transformations are ordered and Agile History is written. Here are the 3 stages of Agile Experience Awareness I've seen unfolded.

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