AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Pavlina Lejskova

ThoughtWorks, Inc.

Pavlina Lejskova is an Analyst specializing in quality at ThoughtWorks where she has worked on and with software development teams of varying sizes and compositions. Working in a role that is often perceived as non-technical, but requires the ability to understand and scrutinize the work of fellow teammates, she strives to fight the impostor syndrome every day and is able to experience the toll it takes on both the individual and the team first hand. She believes in the importance of improving team practices to create highly functional teams with members who feel supported and enjoy working with their colleagues. Outside of work, she enjoys adventure sports, cinema and cooking.

Pavlina will run her workshop with Danielle Erickson.

Workshop—The Agile "Impostor": A Team Approach to Impostor Syndrome

The effects and catalysts of impostor syndrome spread wider than the individual. In this workshop, we will investigate the inevitable impact teams have on “impostors”. Through hands-on activities, we will empower individuals to influence their team(s) in an agile manner, lessening the effects of the syndrome on both the individual struggling and the team as a whole.