AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Peter Leeson

Peter Leeson has over 40 years’ experience in the software industry and over 20 in quality, process and culture improvement. He is a CMMI specialist and a visiting scientist with the Software Engineering Institute (part of the Carnegie Mellon University), the author of “Orchestrated Knowledge” and a regular, recognized speaker at many international conferences. Peter’s focus has always been to place people’s needs first through education rather than training, through culture rather than audits. Peter is currently the Quality Manager at White Clarke Group, a leader in finance technology based in England, North America, Australia, Germany and China. His TEDx talk on “Creative Quality” can be found at;search%3Aleeson, and his blog entries at

Suddenly reality

For over half a century, IT companies (and others for longer) have been trying to improve the way their work. They want to work smart, be efficient and effective, save money, reduce time to market, increase quality… In response, many smart people have been actively creating models, frameworks, theories, techniques and tricks to improve. Whether it be Agile, CMMI, ISO, DevOps or any of the very many others, most companies are disappointed that the promised miracle does not occur once they have invested in the framework, including training, tooling and audits. The results never seem to work out as advertised by the lucky few who are advertising it.

In this talk, Peter Leeson, who, for over twenty years, has been promoting models and techniques for over quality and process improvement, explains why these models don’t work when implemented in reality. What are the key components which are missing, what can be done to overcome some of their failings.

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