AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Riina Hellström

Riina is recommended internationally by peers and strangers as a brilliant agile & people professional. She is a misfit of “old-school” organizations’ HR, where she worked for 10 years, until she founded her own consultancy to drive the Agile HR scene forward. She holds a M. Sc. Tech, a few agile certificates and a degree in applied neuroscience to support her work with theoretical background and hard science. Her recently co-founded, boutique people & business consultancy, People Geeks (, website not up yet), is helping clients with any needs concerning succeeding in business by HR, people analytics, legal or leadership. Riina helps you redesign your people practices to fit digital, flatter, service design, people analytics, self-directive and agile. As a professional trainer she quickly creates a welcoming atmosphere engaging the audience’s thinking process. In private she considers herself being a surfer. Which does not work out so well living in Finland…

Designing Agile HR is not a walk in the park for rookies

Designing people practices for the contemporary organization requires creativity, and HR will need plenty of redesign going towards agile and lean enterprises and digital business models. When speaking about reinventing HR, we need to know and understand the boundaries of the creative space. It is useless to design a flying object without appreciating the boundary of gravity. Similarly it is useless to reinvent organizations and people practices without knowing the (boring) legal and administrative restrictions in each country and without understanding where the organization is at now. So many Agile professionals are redesigning people practices, but driving full speed into structures created for the industrial era. Riina's guidance will leave you with (important) questions and clear thoughts for taking action towards Agile HR.

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