AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Steve Hayes

Steve was a reviewer for the first edition of XP Explained and has been involved in agile software development ever since. He has been a programmer, a team leader, a development manager, a CTO and a company founder and has worked in companies ranging from small startups to global investment banks. Though he loves technology, at heart he is a humanist and a change agent.

Lessons and Experiences from 15 years of Agile Coaching

Effective agile coaches need to learn how to balance many conflicting demands and impulses. Among many other things they need to choose when to be directive and when to sit back, when to emphasize technical skills and when to focus on social concerns, and how to distinguish between the things that need immediate attention and the things that should simply be ignored. And of course they need to do all this without inserting their own (probably substantial) ego, so that the team members remain the rightful owners of their process and their outcomes.

In this session Steve will suggest ways to approach these apparent dilemmas, illustrated with some examples of things that went well, and not so well, in his 15 years of agile coaching experience.

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