AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Tomasz Dzierżek


I’m currently a Scrum Master for four teams (out of nearly forty) on Everest project in PZU. For the last four years I was an analyst, a part time Scrum Master, and a SM for one to four teams on that projects. Before that I had an opportunity to be an SM on smaller scale projects. Going along with the theme of my talk I’m currently enjoying a lot of free time which I invest in popularazing Scrum in my company, Scrum/Agile trainings and agile self-development.

The 4 Hours Scrum Master

The 4 Hours Scrum Master is an abvious spoof of The 4 Hours Workweek (by Tim Ferris). In a short little talk Scrum Masters will be compared to lazy network administrators, lovers and captains of a jet airliner. I'd like to show that the key for spending only four hours each week on scrum mastering is having self-organized teams. For that you need the teams' investment (in the Scrum methods) and gradual increase in absence (of the Scrum Master). I'll also throw in a few tricks for delegating a lot of tasks, couple of jokes and hopefully we won't exceed 20 minutes learning how to be a one lazy (but successfull) Scrum Master.

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