AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Vladimirs Ivanovs

I am consultant/trainer and conference speaker with focus on combining traditional IT Management (am ITIL Expert), Project Management (am IPMA assessor) and contemporary approaches such as Agile, Lean, Kanban (am Optimus Prime of the team). Board member at LNPVA (IPMA in Latvia), teaching “Contemporary tools and approaches” for masters in Project Management. Have a degree in Computer Sciences and Executive MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. Worked for large telecoms (C&W, TeliaSonera, Kinnevik/Tele2) and as CIO for a global retail chain Hutchison/ASWatsons.

Now managing an outstaffing company and facilitating the Latvian-Ukrainian joint venture UAV. Tools to provide drone services in the B2B sector.

Workshop—Enterprise Agile Pasta game—feel the scaling

Join Enterprise Agile Pasta game! Feel the challenges of Agile teams in the Enterprise environment—scaling, distributed teams, communication issues, different cultures and leadership styles etc.

During the 3 phases of the game we will be debriefing and discussing lessons learnt, so you could walk-away with useful insights, understanding of scaling issues and practical advise.

Last, but not least, it is a fun activity and opportunity to make friends with a like-minded people.

It is unique game created by team of experts to demonstrate challenges of scaling in the safe workshop environment. It is a tool for Scrum Masters, Coaches and Consultants and materials are given away for free to all participants to play with their teams in their companies.

It is fresh, highly interactive and fun. Participant feedback is usually in the top corner of Fun vs Value quadrant.