AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016

Wojciech Buras

PSI Polska

Software Engineering graduate from Poznan University of Technology. Started as a developer obsessed with quality which pushed him into the field of Quality Management.

In this role, he quickly realized that good design & good code can grow only in an environment where trust, simplicity and transparency are the main values. Therefore, he keeps initiating process improvement initiatives in a difficult area of softare for utilities, industry & public transport. While passionate for working with people he still sharpens his saw leading Code Retreat workshops in Poznan

Wojciech will give his talk with Bartosz Zbierajewski.

Visualization to the rescue

Over the years PSI’s R&D department has struggled with delivering fix-price projects with long specification and little added value. We have tried many local optimizations but nothing has really changed the game. Since the beginning of 2015 we started to embrace NonBan, the process so lean that it does even not have a website. In fact, we completely changed the way we talk with our customers, plan project work and deliver the results. We have introduced the following agile/lean practices to help us:
• Single Responsibility Principle for requirements
• Epic -> Story -> Feature mapping
• Lead time as the main quality metric
• Multi-product roadmaps
• Value as the main driver instead of costs
• Progress visualization using JIRA Agile
Our journey is far from the end but it has already brought considerable benefits, or in worst case visualized problems everybody was talking about but noone had been able to pinpoint. We would like to show you what visualizing our old process has shown us and what kinds of solutions we were able to come up with.

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