AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016



Gold sponsors


mBank is one of the leading software houses in Poland. We hire nearly 500 IT people. Every day we provide our customers with useful and easy to use software. We’re doing it at the highest possible level! We develop tools to support sales, used by consultants and analysts of mBank. Furthermore, we create mobile apps for over 1 million customers. In mBank we use a variety of programming languages—from Cobol, through solutions of Microsoft and Java, mobile applications to JavaScript. We are Agile and that has a huge impact on tools that support us in manufacturing creative products and in their maintenance.


Our people make the difference, help us find the exceptional ones.

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Silver sponsors


4finance IT is a pioneer in innovative online consumer finance solutions. With circa 400 employees across six locations in Europe, we are on a mission to revolutionize the FinTech industry.

We are all about technology and staying agile. We are strong on the JVM platform with Java 8, Groovy, and Spring and we invest a lot in TDD/ BDD and Domain Driven Design. Scrum is our methodology of choice. Our greatest asset are the people and we take their development extremely seriously by providing numerous opportunities to develop skills and knowledge (R&D days, workshops, conferences).

As our product portfolio grows, so does our headcount. We are currently on the lookout for Java and JS developers, QA Engineers, Product Owners and Scrum Masters. We offer a unique employee development programme, great equipment, flexible and relaxed working environment and multiple opportunities to learn. Interested? We’d love to hear from you!

Brass Willow

Brass Willow is an agile consulting company working with organizations developing their own software. We help professionals tired of dummy successes who want more for their business, and people who know that there’s a better way to make successful products. Our mission is clear: we help those who treat agility as a weapon in the rapidly changing market. We shorten your time to success.


The largest software company in the world. Over 43 500 developers, thousands of projects. How do we deal with software development management? We have Visual Studio Team Services for that. Agile. Git. Continuous integration. All in one place and working with most of IDEs – VS, Eclipse, IntelliJ + more and any modern language. Now you can use enterprise quality tools to plan better, code together and ship faster. Do Agile like a pro.


The OLX Group is a network of leading classifieds platforms in 40 markets, including brands like OLX, Avito, letgo, dubizzle, among others.

The OLX Group connects local people to buy, sell or exchange used goods and services by making it fast and easy for anyone to post a listing through their mobile phone or on the web. Hundreds of millions of people in local markets around the world generate more than 1.7 billion monthly visits, 35 billion monthly page views and 54 million listings every month on the OLX Group’s online marketplaces.


The PZU Group offers the broadest range of products on the Polish insurance market. Through excellent knowledge of our customers, we are able to meet their needs, while the large scale and efficiency of operations allows us to provide the best quality of services at attractive prices.
By following the agile values, PZU focuses on people, quality and continuous improvement. We will inspire you to be the best you can be and enable a balance between professional and private life. Join us!

Bronze sponsors


Podpunkt is a Warsaw based design studio specialising in multimedia, branding, expositions and prints.



Superskrypt is an interactive design studio, founded by Piotr Burdyło, the main organizer of AgileByExample since 2014 and Podpunkt design studio.

If you like the new graphic identity of the conference, the website and mobile app, see more of Superskrypt projects.